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SBTS Last Minute Notes – March 2012

It is getting close to time for our sewing and arts retreat Thursday afternoon March 22 through Sunday March 25, 6 PM March.  The studio will be open at 8 AM on Wednesday, March 21, for early birds. The retreat Opening Program will be at 8 PM on Thursday. Here is some last minute information that may be useful to you.

MEETING ROOM: We will be using the Ballroom on the 4th floor.

HOTEL:  You should have made your hotel reservations. If you have not, call the Grand Hotel immediately. The hotel’s reservation number is 1-800-447-6779 or 410-289-6191. (When you make your reservation you must identify yourself as part of the NeedleArts Adventures Group to receive the special group rate.) Check-in is assured by 4:00 PM. Checkout is 11 AM.
Remember, there is a 72-hour cancellation policy. This means if your plans change you MUST cancel your reservations at least 72 hours before your scheduled arrival or you will be charged for the first night’s lodging. It is hotel policy to charge for the total nights originally reserved by guests when they check out earlier than scheduled. If your departure date is changed by 24 hours prior to arrival there is no early checkout charge. There is an additional charge for more than 2 in a room. We hope there are no family emergencies and no one gets the flu, but these things DO happen so please be aware of the hotel policies.

CLOTHES: Casual clothing is appropriate. The weather can be changeable so plan accordingly. Bring a bathing suit; there is an indoor pool.

BASIC EQUIPMENT: Bring the sewing, beading and art supplies and equipment you need. You will have one 6-foot banquet table for your workspace.   You may wish to bring a chair cushion for added height and comfort.  A long heavy-duty extension cord and a work light may also be useful.  It is a very large room so we will need lots of long power strips. If you have one it will come in handy. We will have one or two irons and ironing boards set up for all to share.  A “wheelie” (a carry-on bag with wheels) or collapsible rolling box is handy for transporting your supplies and equipment.
We can leave supplies in the ballroom overnight. (Note: Some people use small chains or computer security cables [wire covered with plastic, with a lock] to secure their sewing machine to the table when they leave the studio area. You may want to do this.)  The hotel will lock the door when the last person leaves the room. We have never had a problem, but you don’t know what may happen.

OPENING EVENING PROJECT:  Our project is a surprise. Come to the Ballroom. We will begin at 8:00 PM. If you arrive later you can catch up easily. We will provide all of the supplies. This project can be done by hand or machine.  BRING: tan thread, a hand sewing needle, an embroidery needle, a beading needle, scissors. A sewing machine is optional. Bring your sewing machine (or share with a friend.)

SHOW-&-TELL:  We will have our traditional show-and-tell of our weekend’s accomplishments on Sunday morning 10:00 to 11:00 AM. We must keep Show and Tell to 1 hour. Please do not take photos during Show and tell. We have a lot of really interesting work to see and a very limited amount of time in which to do it. So, if you want a photo of something please arrange to take it before we do Show and Tell.
INFORMAL SHARING:  Carrying on our tradition of sharing, we are planning several informal workshops during the retreat.  You should have already received workshop descriptions and schedule. If you have not already pre-registered for the workshops and you want to take a class you may sign up at the Opening – if there is space available. Kit fees are paid to the session leader in cash at the workshop.

The workshops are:
1. Board Book Fun-Scrapping
2. Paper Bow       
3. Silly Birds
4. Journaling Round Table
5. Easy, Fast and Economical Portable Quilt Design Display Rack
6. Fabric Beads From Batiks
Remember there are kits for some classes so you will need to bring whatever is on the supply lists ----- or make a run to WalMart or Michael’s  :-)  !

 ADDITIONAL WORKSHOP:  "Little Dresses for Africa?" 
         Linda Taltavull is active in a “Little Dresses for Africa” program and would like to share information about it. She is working with a group that ships the dresses for free to Africa and several other places.  She also works with a group that sends them to Appalachia. She will bring finished samples and present a 15-20 minute demo to show you what to do if you would like to make a dress or two during the weekend. This is an extremely simple dress with tie shoulders. A dress takes less than an hour to make and can save a child's life! 
         Supplies: If you want to make a dress you will need 100% cotton fabric. Each dress requires a single cut the full width of the fabric that is 21" to 41" long.  Size of dress is determined by the length i.e., 21" is a size 3.  A package of double fold bias tape in a coordinating color completes the project.
Linda will bring some elastic, bias tapes in many colors and a few precut pieces of fabric to share.  This is a great way to recycle some fabric from the give-away tables.  
         If you aren't familiar with this project, its amazing ... and life altering!  Young girls are often violated because they are orphans and considered disposable in some African countries.  Law allows this to happen in countries with a cast system.  There are millions of orphans due to the AIDS epidemic. It was discovered that girls in orphanages that wore dresses could walk through the villages and be safe from the possibility of rape because they were believed to be from a more elevated status and men can be prosecuted and even given a death sentence for attacking these "better" girls.  With all of our talents and wealth of fabric, it seems a perfect solution to a real problem. 
         Linda will present the demo twice.
              Thursday 10:00 AM to 10:30 AM & Friday 4:00 PM– 4:30 PM
You do not need to preregister. There will be a sign-up sheet on the registration table.

Soaps and Toiletries Needed: Lois Uditsky is still collecting soaps and personal hygiene items   --- like the shampoo, lotion and soaps you get in a hotel room.  Bring whatever you may have to share and save what you do not use at the hotel during the retreat.

“GOOD STUFF” EXCHANGE:  We all have a lot of fun sharing “good stuff” we no longer need. If you have some fabric, books, sewing, art or craft supplies, patterns, etc. that need a new home please bring them to share. We will have “Give Away” tables in the Ballroom. These must be things you’re willing to GIVE away --- no sales. We will put out these treasures on after the Opening on Thursday evening.
         Note: Please be sure your give away items do not have pet hair in them. There are people in our group who are allergic to cat/dog hair. We want to keep everyone healthy!

SNACKS:  The hotel policy is that any food in public spaces, for general consumption, must be provided by the hotel catering services. This is because of the health laws.  This means we cannot have a snack table from which we share. You may have your own snacks at your own table.

SOUND CONTROL REMINDER: If you want to bring a tape or CD player or a TV, it should be small enough to fit in your work area and MUST have earphones so it does not disturb others.  

SPA:  The spa is giving a 10% discount to our group on services over $20. You may make appointments before you arrive. (The massage and facial appointments often fill quickly.)

WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU ARRIVE: When you arrive check into your hotel room and get settled. I know a lot of us are coming a day early and departing on Monday morning.
Our studio space is on the 4th floor in the Ballroom.  The room will be set up by 8 AM Wednesday for Early Birds. Someone from NeedleArts Adventures will be in the area Wednesday. Stop by the Ballroom and pick up your nametag and table marker; they will be on a table. Put your table marker on the table at which you wish to work.  
    You can set up and start working when the room is ready. We strongly recommend that you do not leave your sewing machine unattended. While the hotel is safe and secure, one never knows what can happen. (Remember: Some people use small chains or computer security cables to secure the machine to the table when they leave the studio area. You may want to do this.) 

This is going to be a wonderful, relaxing and productive retreat. We are looking forward to seeing one another!  There are several new people joining us. In the mean time, if you need more information, please call me at 410-923-6133 or e-mail at NeedleArts Adventures, PO Box 331, Crownsville, MD 21032

Remember: you can always find the all the SBTS information on our blog

See you soon,

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