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Workshops for Spring 2012

Workshop Descriptions – SPRING 2012

1.  TITLE OF CLASS:  Board Book Fun-Scrapping

DESCRIPTION:  Take a blank board book (thick cardboard pages) and make it glamorous!  Learn how to add scrapbook paper backgrounds, cardstock pockets, embellishments and more to create fun pages that are held together with yarn ties or metal rings. 

You’ll add photos or ticket stubs or stickers or, or, or…. And it’s easy to do!

CLASS SIZE:  No minimum; maximum 10

KIT:  1 small (miscellaneous shapes) board book, rings/yarn.  Cost:  $2.00
         Or… you may bring your own board book to work on. 

·      Scrapbook papers (10 or so) in small, coordinating prints/solids at least 8x8 inches; 12x12 inch papers provide more flexibility
·      Scrapbook tape, permanent (not removable type) and/or glue stick.
·      **Craft scissors for trimming photos and small paper pieces
·      **Craft knife (X-Acto type) and blades
·      **Self-healing cutting mat to use with craft knife.
·      **Paper cutter/slicer that is big enough for your paper height.
·      **Colored marker(s), permanent that coordinates with any of your papers.  This will be used for the outside edges of your boards.
·      Photographs to feature on your pages.
·      Embellishments (stickers, flowers, ribbons, etc.)

**If you don’t have these items, no need to worry.  I’ll provide my tools too and anyone is welcome to share. 

WORKSHOP LEADER:  Judy Ridgway ~ I consider myself a novice scrapbooker (not a beginner, but I have lots to learn).  I love documenting events (especially with photographs) and helping others to do the same.  Don’t feel intimidated by this project.  It can be as simple or as fancy as you’d like.  J

DAY AND TIME:  Friday morning 10 – 12. You can work on your own after

2.            TITLE OF CLASS:  Paper Bow

DESCRIPTION:  Use scraps of paper from magazine/catalog pages or scrapbook paper to make pretty paper bows.  Great project for recycling paper!


KIT:  None / No cost

BRING:  Sharpened pencil, glue dots or scotch tape; a tape dispenser, desk style, is easier to work with.

WORKSHOP LEADER:  Judy Ridgway ~ I learned to do these bows a zillion years ago.  Children love it too.

DAY AND TIME:  Saturday afternoon 2 PM – 2:30

3. TITLE OF CLASS: Silly Birds

DESCRIPTION: Learn to make a silly felt bird and create your own version. Learn to blanket stitch by hand and make wrapped wire legs. How to assemble the parts after sewing and then embellish your bird as you desire.  

Note: This class is fine for beginners with some sewing skills as well as for advanced folks.  The pictures here are of several birds, none exactly a like, and none exactly like the pattern you will get, to inspire you.   Judi will also have some mix and match parts that participants can copy to make their own combination of features.  Participants will learn to blanket stitch and how to stuff the parts, create sturdy, wrapped wire legs, and make their own silly bird creation!

CLASS SIZE: Minimum, 6        Maximum  12 

KIT: A SIlly Bird pattern and various color combinations of felt which can be used, swapped and shared, and wire for the legs.  Michaels has all sorts of fun "finishing” stuff. I will bring stuff for you to see and get ideas from.   "Playing” and experimentation is part of the workshop!
Cost.  $6.00

BRING: Sewing thread in several colors so you have a choice to sew the bird with, paper and cloth scissors, a hand sewing needle with a nice easy to see eye, stuffing, floral tape, needle nosed pliers with a cutter, and black, brown or orange yarn for leg wraps.  I will have several hot glue guns and glue and several needle nosed pliers too.

FACILITATOR: Judi Ward.......The bird lady from last November. I have created dozens of birds since then and am doing a full, mix and match pattern or possibly a book for them to be ready in the fall of 2012.   (Note: Judi is an internationally known doll artist and designer. Her classes are always fun.)

DAY & TIME: Friday 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
The workshop will take an hour to 2 hours, depending on whether participants want to work at the workshop table or at their own table after getting the basics.  Finishing will take however long the maker desires.    

4. TITLE OF CLASS: Journaling Round Table

DESCRIPTION: Do you keep a journal or art journal or studio journal/sketch book? Do you make travel journals or artist books? Do you want to learn about or try some of these things?  Join us for a round table discussion where we can share ideas, inspiration, techniques, tools  ---- anything thing goes. No experience needed. This is a time for sharing and perhaps beginning a new and fulfilling activity.  We did this at the last SBTS and everyone wanted to do it again. 


KIT:  no 

BRING: Your ideas and enthusiasm. A journal, if you have one.
If you have extra ephemera, book pages, other stuff to use in journals / paper arts, bring it we will hare it. There is often inspiration in new and different materials :-)

FACILITATOR:  Sandy   Sapienza  
DAY & TIME: Friday 8:00 – 9:00 PM

5. TITLE OF CLASS: Easy, Fast and Economical Portable Quilt Design Display Rack

DESCRIPTION: This sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it! Some of you have seen Linda’s portable quilt design flannel display board at previous SBTS gatherings. It makes it super easy to see what you are doing as you design and construct quilt blocks. It is made of plastic pipe pieces and connectors and slips together in just a few minutes. Because of the size of the materials this will be a demo – Linda will have the directions for you and she will answer your questions. Go to her workspace at 9:15 Friday morning to see the display board and find out how to make one.
Of course, if you are really ambitious you can then take your directions off to Home Depot and make your own display board during the weekend J

KIT:  no  
BRING: Pencil and paper for notes - optional
FACILITATOR:  Linda Murphy  
DAY & TIME: Friday 9:15 – 9:30 AM  


DESCRIPTION: We will make fabric beads in a new and easy way using Batik prints as they are, or embellished with foil and or paint. 
CLASS SIZE: Max. 12 people at a time.
KIT: $ 2  for sticker paper and other supplies
BRING: Scraps of Batik fabric or any other fabric you would like to see in a bead. Rotary cutter and tiny mat if you have one.  If you plan to make a piece of jewelry, bring jump rings, wire or thread, 1/4 to 3/8 inch disks and seed beads to go between fabric beads and some type of clasp.  
Doris is a very talented textile artist and creative beader. She is a member of the Baltimore Bead Society. Doris has taught in many venues; including at SBTS 2 years ago
DAY & TIME: Friday 3:00 to 4:00 PM    

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