Saturday, September 28, 2013

Optional Workshops for the November 6-10 Retreat

SBTS Fall 2013
Work Shop Descriptions

To register e-mail Sandy by October 23rd

1. TITLE Vintage Music Wreath

DESCRIPTION: In this work shop you will make a grapevine wreath with sheet music.   ThIs attractive decoration can be used indoors all year long.  These wreaths would make wonderful holiday gifts or decorations. Lisa will guide you through the process. It looks complex but it is really easy. You will finish, or almost finish (depending I how fast you work), in class. Once you master this technique you can try making wreaths with other decorative papers.


KIT . Optional: We will have some packets of sheet music  available for $2 each.  When you register, let us know if you want one.

BRING: Grapevine wreath - 10 to 12” in diameter,  50 or more pages  of sheet music (8.5”x11” or so), glue gun and sticks. Scissors or a personal trimmer in case you want to re-size the pagers. Flowers that suit your color theme (small are better), 1 yd. ribbon of your choice


DAY & TIME:  Friday 2-4 PM

2. TITLE Tube and Beads Doll Pins

DESCRIPTION: These doll pins can be funky or elegant, depending on your choice of fabric and beads.  They can be simple and graphic or glitzy and embellished to the hilt. It is up to you!    The samples here are plain but still interesting. You can wear them as pins or make them as holiday tree decorations . The creative possibilities are endless. This is the kind of project of which you can’t make “just one”.   Once you get started, you’ll want to make a bunch. They are a great way to use up small amounts of materials left from other projects.

CLASS SIZE:  20 max.

KIT:   $3.00   Sewn tubes in many colors and stuffing. An assortment for fibers for "hair" and some beads to share too.  Pin backs.
BRING: You will need to bring assorted beads with bigger holes like on strung jewelry necklaces. ( I buy necklaces from second hand stores and unstring them.)   Sharing beads here will work well so the colors can be coordinated with the tubes.
A sewing needle that can be easily threaded with double heavy duty thread.
Heavy duty thread if you have some but I will bring some too.
A stuffing tool like a screwdriver or chop stick;  and a turning tool like a small hemostat.
Some assorted fibers like yarn, small ribbon, Angelina fiber, just about any thin fibers. I have some that came on cards in a box and I will bring those to share too.
I will also bring letter beads to share if someone wants to make a "message" pin doll.
If you do beading on cloth with those tiny beads please plan to do that after class if desired. These little tubes can be very elegant!


DAY & TIME:  Sat. 2:00 PM

3. TITLE OF CLASS - Twig Brooch

DESCRIPTION: This  is a unique little pin or brooch  that puts friendly humanity into trees. It would be a great gift for your ecologically-minded friends or gardener relations, or perhaps a name tag for an arboretum volunteer.  Mavis will present a demo and  get you started. Then you can work on this fun project your own.

CLASS SIZE: Maximum  20

ready stuffed twig, and supplies  to complete, and  a pattern with instructions for  future reference. Cost $5.

BRING: Usual hand sewing kit. Any tiny embellishments you might want to use.


DAY &  TIME: Friday 10 AM – 11 AM

4  TITLE Star Book

DESCRIPTION: This clever little book is perfect for a scrap book or journal or notebook. When you open the book the pages “explode” giving you many surfaces for decoration or writing. When the book it totally opened, and the covers tied together, the book looks like a star. Small versions make interesting ornaments.   Though this looks like a very complex book form it is really quite easy, good for a beginner, when you tale it a step at a time. These books make great gifts and are easy to personalize. Your choice of papers can create very different looks. Try pastels for a baby, primary colors for kids, or use maps for a masculine look.


KIT : $1. Includes cardboard for covers, some ribbon, some papers, directions.

BRING:  Several (5 or so) sheets of card stock. Several sheets of text weight paper. (Can be white or colored.) A LARGE glue stick. For your covers you will need 2  sheets of decorated  paper (scrapbook paper, maps, sheet music, etc.). If you have one, bring a personal cutter, otherwise bring a ruler, pencil and scissors. If you want to use  a certain ribbon bring at least 18”.


DAY & TIME:  Friday 1 - 2 PM