Monday, September 28, 2015

Workshops Fall 2015

SBTS Fall 2015

To register please e-mail or contact Sandy by October 5th. 

1. TITLE:  Scherenschnitte/Fancy Paper Cutting

DESCRIPTION: Scherenschnitte, also known as Fancy Paper Cutting, is the German folk art of creating beautiful designs  suitable for framing or greeting cards. In this workshop you will learn basic techniques as you work on both traditional and contemporary designs.
The techniques you learn for accurate and neat cutting are useful for many forms of paper arts.
CLASS SIZE: minimum 10; maximum 15

KIT :  $4 The kit includes use of  small scissors, use of a sharp cutting knife, a 5x7 framing mat,  and a greeting card base

BRING: A glue stick and a cutting surface (a small self-healing cutting mat or heavy cardboard about 8”x10”)


DAY/TIME: Friday 9 AM to 11 AM

2. TITLE:   SNOWMEN!!!....or ladies....

DESCRIPTION: Lets make fun, easy snowmen just in time for the holidays.  
These also use up your batting scraps when you make more at home. YEA!!!
We will make a large  one in class. You will get patterns for 4 other sizes and
 a bonus Penguin adaptation (to be made on your own later).  NOTE...This is a fun project that can also be done by children for scouts, church groups etc. with you pre-sewing the  needed sewn parts.

CLASS SIZE:  20 max.

KIT :   The kit will include a sewn Snowman body, sewn nose, hat and scarf fabric,  bottom washer, clear cup stand and battery candle.
Judi will have her usual "piles of stuff"  to choose from for eyes, earmuffs, decorations,  and several hot glue guns, black paint....and the button buffet will provide buttons if they are wanted for eyes, tummy buttons, embellishments etc.
Also included will be the Snowman patterns and the Penguin patterns which use the large snowman with "penguin parts".

Kit fee $7.00

BRING:  A bag of polyester stuffing, sewing needle, thread,  scissors, a hot glue gun and glue sticks if you have one. (It is much easier to have your own.)
A stuffing tool like a screwdriver or chopstick, and  "lets get ready for winter" creativity!


DAY/TIME: Friday 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM

3. TITLE:   Twister Bags

DESCRIPTION:  We will make this large carry-all bag.


KIT :  $15  Pattern and everything to make the bag. There will be a variety of pre-cut fabric to choose from.   

BRING:  Sewing machine & basic sewing items (thread, scissors)

WORKSHOP LEADER: Lillian Kreider

DAY/TIME:  Saturday 1:00 to 2:30 PM

4. TITLE:   Envelope Books

DESCRIPTION:  This is a very clever "book" that I am sure you will find a zillion uses for.  They go together quickly so you may have time to make two in the workshop.

CLASS SIZE: 25 max

KIT :  $4  includes all supplies

BRING:  A glue stick.  Optional: Any pretty paper napkins or tissue paper you may want to use; there will be plenty to share.

WORKSHOP LEADER:  Chrissie Hines

DAY/TIME:   Saturday 3 to 4 PM

5. TITLE:   Urban Doodles Journal Cover
DESCRIPTION:  Join Lorine on yet another Urban Doodles adventure. Lorine will  supply you with a pre-sewn cotton journal cover and then show you how to twist, spritz, doodle, stencil and paint your way to your very own personal journal cover. The cover was created to fit a standard ruled composition book  (remember the marbled black and white ones listed on everyone's school supply list) available at your local stores. 

CLASS SIZE:  max 12

KIT :   $7 includes everything except the composition book

BRING:  A composition book (roughly 7.5 inches x 9.75 inches)


DAY/TIME:   Saturday 10:00 to 11:30 AM

6. TITLE:   Message in a Bottle Necklace

DESCRIPTION:  Learn to do the basic Japanese 8 strand braid known as Kumihimo. We will use a hand-held disk to make the braid. It looks complex but it is really very simple. We’ll use the finished braid to make a necklace featuring a tiny bottle. You will personalize your necklace by putting your own items in the bottle. A few suggestions are: sand, tiny shells, gems, buttons, tiny charms, and perhaps a “secret message”. (Note: The picture is not the exact necklace we will be making but it gives you a general idea of the look.)


KIT :   $7.00 Includes a re-usable kumihimo disk, materials and a clasp to finish the necklace.
BRING:  Scissors. Tiny items to put in your bottle; the opening in the bottle is just ¼”.


DAY/TIME:   Friday 7:00 to 9:00 PM

7. TITLE:   Button Charm Bracelet

DESCRIPTION:  This clever bracelet is made using small buttons as the charms. You will attach the charms/buttons with jump rings. Once you learn this  technique you can make other bracelets using small buttons from your stash. (Remember to the check out the Button Buffet!)


KIT :  $5 all supplies

BRING: Flat nosed  or needle nosed jewelry pliers
WORKSHOP LEADER:   Luanne Hargadon

DAY/TIME:   Friday 1 to 2 PM