Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Fall 2016 Workshops

SBTS Fall 2016

To register please e-mail or contact Sandy by October 10th

1. TITLE:   Journaling Round Table

DESCRIPTION: Do you keep a journal, art journal, sketchbook, or something of the kind? Would you like to get together with others at SBTS who keep journals of some sort?
Would you like to try journaling? It is easy, and fun. Anyone can do it. There are no hard and fast rules; you do what works for you.
This is not a how-to workshop but a round table discussion. We will share what we are doing and any tips, tricks or ideas we may have. If there is time we can work in our journals together. If there are new people who want to get started we will help.
Come prepared to share 1 thing with the group. It might be a journal page or spread you especially like, a tool, a technique, a supply or an idea.  Anything goes!


KIT: None

BRING: Your journals and journaling supplies. If you have ephemera, collage fodder and stuff you no longer need, please bring it to share with the group.
 If you are new and do not know what to bring let us know and we will suggest some basics.

WORKSHOP LEADERS: Edie Evans and Sandy Sapienza will be moderators. Everyone shares in the leadership.

DAY/TIME: Wednesday 7-8:30 PM

2. TITLE:  Reverse Applique with Knits

The reverse appliqué technique by hand on T-shirt knit fabric is fun and easy.  Natalie Chanin has popularized it and has 4 books on the topic and also designs for her company Alabama Chanin that makes and sells her couture knit clothing line. To learn the basic technique we’ll do a leaf design. You can decorate a t-shirt or knit dress or even a scrap of knit material. We’ll make one leaf in class and then you can add more leaves to your garment later if you wish.

CLASS SIZE:  Min 3, Max 10

KIT:  A leaf design will be provided on card stock.
COST: None.  

BRING:  Bring a T shirt and contrasting (for the leaf) knit material or 2 large scraps (around 12"x12") of T shirt weight knit material for practice. It is a good idea to use old T-shirts to learn the technique.  Chalk, small (4") fabric scissors, paper scissors or x-acto knife and cutting mat to cut stencil, hand sewing needle size #9 sharps/embroidery/milliners, buttonhole & craft thread (Coats & Clark or other brand), straight pins, rubber finger cap for gripping needle if desired.

DAY/TIME:  Friday 4:00 to 5:00 PM   


Quilt designers Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson are hosting a year-long online free sampler quilt project, Splendid Sampler.  They have gathered 85 designers from around the world, and offer, for free, two new blocks each week.  We will soon have all 100+ blocks plus many bonus blocks!  A book containing all of the blocks and some projects will be published next year.

It's exciting to be part of this endeavor, and fun to hear of groups of Splendorettes getting together at quilt shows, in quilt shops, and on retreats.  There are over 22,000 members following the Facebook page and it is fun to see pictures of blocks that others have made.  You can see more information at thesplendidsampler.com

Calling all Splendorettes, or wanna-be's, at Sewing By The Sea!!  Bring your blocks to show - if you've made all, or only one or two.  We won't have any instruction or lesson, just a gathering to enjoy each other's blocks. 


KIT:  No Kit and no cost

BRING: Bring your Splendid Sampler blocks


DAY/TIME:  Friday 8 PM to 9:30 PM 

4. TITLE:   Little Wire Chairs or Pin Cushions...

These little chairs are fun and will be a great continuing project to finish during SBTS. Cindi Mahlstadt showed Sandy and I how to make big wire chairs a number of years ago and I "shrunk" them down and have taught the little chairs to groups for many years. They are easier to make than you would expect. And they offer lots of opportunities for creativity.

The chair shown is in front of 3 unfinished chairs.

CLASS SIZE: Class size limit 15   

KIT:  Kit cost $4.00     Your kit will contain Wire, seat cardboard, seat padding, and directions.

BRING: 1/4 yd. of cotton fabric...Scissors...needle and thread...Needle nosed pliers with a wire cutter on them...Flowers, feathers, beads, sparkly threads, beaded fringe etc. Tacky Glue. Masking tape or floral tape...I will have floral tape, hot glue and glue guns and fun stuff to decorate your chair with too.


DAY/TIME: Friday 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM

5. TITLE:   Alcohol Ink Coasters and FUN with the ink!!!!

         Alcohol ink is just a ball to play with!   You will make 4 coasters and have an extra tile to play with. There are so many techniques to try! You can take the ink off over and over, spray it, drip alcohol on it, blow it. You can stamp on it, draw on it, smear it, make stripes,
         You can put it on shiny photo paper to make cards. Let the overflow go onto printing paper to make fun stationary. etc. etc. etc. etc.! Let's PLAY!

CLASS SIZE: Class size 15

KIT:  Kit cost $5.00  
Kits will contain...Tiles and bottom padding for the coasters. A stripe maker. Alcohol to share in tiny bottles. Photo paper...printer paper...plastic sheets for artful smearing...straws. If you have your own ink alcohol and bring extra supplies you can play a LOT more.

I will have the following items to share: hand sanitizer, perfume, markers for the tile edges, a few stamps and ink pads.

BRING: A bottle of alcohol and your own alcohol ink if you really want to play. Michael’s has the ink in 3 bottle packs. (Be sure to use a coupon since the ink is $10.99.)  Tacky glue.  Remember, if you want to play a lot bring some extra supplies like more tiles, photo paper, inks.


DAY/TIME: Saturday 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

6. TITLE: Paint a Pretty Pendant   

         These sweet little pendants can be star-dusted galaxies, monograms or highlight a special interest.  I am doing paw prints to donate to my local animal rescue! They are a good project for Scouts and grandkids, too.
          I will demo the project and pass out kits then assist with the painting. Because of the limited number of paint pens and polish bottles, we can paint 5-10 or so at a time. There is significant drying time involved with this project so after class time I’ll be available at my table to help with designing and finishing steps. These are kind of addicting – you may end up wanting more than one kit!


KIT:  $5. Includes bezel, cabochon and chain. I will have various solid and glitter nail polishes, paint pens and glue, hand sanitizer and nail polish remover.

BRING: If you want to keep your nails free of possible damage from polish or remover, bring a pair of snug fitting gloves (think medical gloves, not dishwashing gloves.) If you have old nail polishes, either solid or glittered, that you want to share, please bring them! The more options we have the better. Cheap or expensive – it doesn’t matter. If you have your own paint pens (extra fine or fine- I like Sharpie Water Based paint pens or Molotow paint pens) or alcohol markers (Bic or Sharpie) there will be less time waiting on shared supplies. Be sure to label your own supplies if you want to get them back after sharing!


DAY/TIME: Friday 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM

NOTE: Whether or not you are taking this class, if you have some old nail polishes (regular or glitter) you do not need please bring them for the group to share.

7. TITLE: Origami Book

These mini books are addicting! They are easy to make; they are based on simple folding.  Once you learn the basic techniques you can make them any size.  You can use all sorts of papers – from fancy artful papers to odds and ends like menus and placemats!
 Note: The smallest book is about 1” square.

CLASS SIZE: 15 max

KIT:  $3 The kit will have supplies to make 2 books in class plus extra to make some on your own

BRING: A scissor for paper and a twelve-inch ruler


DAY/TIME: Saturday 10 AM 0 11:30 AM

8. TITLE: Mono Print Your Own Fabric
         Would you like to print you own fabric?  It would be perfect to use for the Opening Project. We can’t tell what the opening project is – but that really doesn’t matter. This is a fun technique no matter the project for which you use your fabric.
         We will print abstract designs using a variety of texture tools on a gelli printing mat. This is an easy and spontaneous process that gives a unique result every time.     

Kit: $5.00   The kit will include most of what you need.  (You may bring additional supplies if you want to make more.)                 

         Card stock 8.5” x 11 - 4 pieces
         Deli paper  - 4 pieces 
         Use of gelli plate & brayer
         Use of some acrylic paint     
         Use of texture tools

         Use of baby wipes, hand sanitizer & paper towels

         At least 4 pieces of smooth cotton fabric. Solid color or white – no prints. Size about 8”x10”. Iron freezer paper onto the wrong side before class.
         3 small bottles of acrylic craft paint or fabric paint in colors you want to use. Put your name on the bottles. We will share the paint in class.

Note: The Opening Project is not something you would wash so craft paint is fine. If you plan to use your fabric pieces for something washable and want to keep a soft hand you will need to use fabric paint or add GAC900 to the paint. Acrylic paint will not wash out but may make fabric stiff.  (http://www.dickblick.com/products/golden-gac-900-fabric-medium/)

Class size: Min 4, max 10

Day/Time:  Thursday 3 PM to 4:30 PM

Work shop Leader: Sandy Sapienza

9. TITLE: Sequin Tutorial

DESCRIPTION: At our last retreat several people expressed an interest in the sequin work I was doing. Sequins can be used to embellish clothing and to create artwork. In this tutorial we will cover four basic techniques for applying sequins to fabric. You will have a chance to try all the techniques and start the pin that is pictured. We will also discuss storage and organization of supplies.

CLASS SIZE:  4 min 10 max

KIT:  $3.00.  It includes almost everything you need

BRING: Scissors to cut threads & a beading mat or something on which to put your sequins and beads while you work. (I will have a few to share.) We will be using Silamide beading thread.   If you prefer a different thread bring what you like to use.


DAY/TIME: Wednesday 1 PM to 2 PM