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Here are the workshops for Fall 2017. To register, e-mail Sandy.

SBTS Fall 2017

1. TITLE OF CLASS:  Silly Rats and Cats

            DESCRIPTION: These charming rats and cats were inspired by vintage dolls.  Judi has redesigned them and brought them into the 21st century. They are made of felt and feature wire arms, legs and tails.
         Each one has its own personality. Your simple embroidery and tiny embellishments will make your creature truly unique. You have the option of making your Ratty or Catty into an angel by adding wings.
CLASS SIZE:  Class size limited to 20 dedicated Rat makers!
            KIT:   Kit $7.00. The kit includes a sewn Ratty body that will be ready to turn and stuff. It also includes stuffing, eyes, nose, wire and thread. Angel wings are optional; you will have a choice of several styles.
         You will also receive a pattern for Ratty and Catty printed on freezer paper so it can be simply cut out, ironed to double felt or fabric and sewn around the edge of the freezer paper if you want to make more. NOTE: The Ratty in the kit will be machine sewn. The Angel in the picture has been blanket stitched by hand and either Ratty or Catty can be blanket stitched by you if you choose to make more later.
         BRING:  A sewing needle with a pretty big eye. Scissors. Hot glue gun if you have one and glue sticks. A stuffing tool like a screwdriver or chopstick. Needle nose pliers with a cutter as part of it. Any tiny embellishment you may want to add. 
  Judi Ward
         DAY & TIME: Friday, 2 PM – 3:30 PM

2. TITLE OF CLASS: Make Your Own Big Board  

            DESCRIPTION: This class will be held at the West Ocean City Home Depot on Rt. 50. We have taken pre-registration for this class. If you wish to attend and have not registered yet you must contact Sherry Band at  or text or call her at 410-900-3061 for more details.   

Working under the guidance of a professional carpenter you will construct your own “Big Board” ironing board. You will go home with a completed “Big Board”, ready to use!  The finished board is 24”x 60”.
         The Big Board can be used on an ironing board or on a table. 
It is also great for folding laundry,
ironing draperies, serving or buffet table (just cover with a tablecloth), or blocking knits.  It can be lowered and used while seated.  And it is great for laying out Mondo bags. :-)
CLASS SIZE: Min. 4.  Max. 8.
            KIT: $50 or less (depending on enrollment and final costs). Sherry will let you know the exact amount before the workshop. Even at the full $50 this is a real bargain! This includes ALL materials. Home Depot is providing the use of tools and professional instruction. 
         BRING: Comfortable shoes (preferably with a closed toe for safety), beach towel to protect your Big Board cover from whatever work tables they give us to use, and a beverage if desired.
         WORKSHOP LEADER:  Sherry Band
         DAY & TIME: Tues. or Wed. (to be determined) 6 PM - 9 PM 

3. TITLE OF CLASS:   “Crafty” Angel

            DESCRIPTION:   Let’s revisit a “crafty” angel. Sandy donated a ton of wings, all sorts. (This angel has a small set of muslin wings on.)  I obtained a lot of wide lace from an estate sale, much of it from France…Ohh, la, la…And Mavis Walker obtained a bunch of cardboard yarn cones.    Soooo….An angel had to be made.
         This Angel is not an “EXACTLY ALIKE” project. There is lots of room for creativity. There is no face to paint, just dots for eyes - unless you are a great face painter.
         You know me…Kits will be assorted as far as lace and hair are concerned.  Ribbons, halos, trims, wings etc. will be on a first come /first served. You can be sure there are no duds and nothing ugly.
         CLASS SIZE:  Maximum 10 students.
            KIT:   Kit $ 7.  The kit includes, cone, lace, chenille stems, ribbon, hair yarn, head ball, head cover, and assorted trims for you to choose from.
         BRING:  You will need to bring a needle with a big eye, scissors, hot glue gun and glue if you have your own, (very helpful). Of course, bring any special embellishments you may want to use
         WORKSHOP LEADER: Judi Ward
         DAY & TIME:  Saturday 11 AM - 1:00 PM

4. TITLE:   Journaling Round Table

DESCRIPTION: Do you keep a journal, art journal, sketchbook, creative planner or something of the kind? Would you like to get together with others at SBTS who keep journals of some sort?
Would you like to try journaling? It is easy and fun. Anyone can do it. There are no hard and fast rules; you do what works for you.
This is not a how-to workshop but a round table discussion. We will share what we are doing and any tips, tricks or ideas we may have. If there is time we can work in our journals together. If there are new people who want to get started we will help.
Come prepared to share 1 thing with the group. It might be a journal page or spread you especially like, a tool, a technique, a supply or an idea.  Anything goes!
KIT: None
BRING: Your journals and journaling supplies. If you have ephemera, collage fodder and stuff you no longer need, please bring it to share with the group.
         If you are new and do not know what to bring let us know and we will suggest some basics.
WORKSHOP LEADERS: Edie Evans and Sandy Sapienza will be moderators. Everyone shares in the leadership.
DAY/TIME: Wednesday 7-8:30 PM

5. TITLE OF CLASS: Make a Pamphlet Stitch Book  

            DESCRIPTION: Learn a simple and versatile way to make a bound book. This is a beginner class but all experience levels are welcome. You will make a 1-signature pamphlet stitch book with a pocket. You will use decorative paper to make the cover. Once you master this simple technique you will be able to make a variety of similar books with different looks.  These books make wonderful sketchbooks, notebooks, planners, etc. for your personal use or to give as gifts.
            KIT:   $2 The kit includes a cover, paper for the signature, waxed linen thread and use of a needle. Mary will have some tools you can share in class. If you do not have the tools on the “to bring” list please do NOT go out and buy them
         BRING: Pencil, paper scissors, bone folder, metal ruler with cork on the back.  An old telephone book is handy. 
         WORKSHOP LEADER:  Mary Shock 
         DAY & TIME: Friday 10:00 AM to 12:00 noon

6. TITLE OF CLASS: Designing a Mondo Bag

            DESCRIPTION: Learn the easy clever way to design and lay out patterns on the sides of your mondo bag. You will also learn how to add interior pockets. Sherry will demonstrate this technique, then you can work on your own if you wish. You can attend just the demo or start on your own bag.
CLASS SIZE: Min. 1.   Max. 12.
            KIT:  NO
         BRING: OPTONAL: Grid for one midi bag and precut 2-1/2" squares if you'd like to get started right away.
         WORKSHOP LEADER: Sherry Band 
         DAY & TIME: Friday 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

7. TITLE OF CLASS: Intro to Making Hand and Body Scrubs     

            DESCRIPTION: In this workshop we'll discuss some of the basics of scrub making. Sherry will bring the basic ingredients and show you what to do. You will leave with your own jar of delicious scrub.
CLASS SIZE:  Min. 6.    Max. 12.
            KIT:   $5
         BRING: OPTIONAL your favorite essential oils.   
         WORKSHOP LEADER: Sherry Band 
         DAY & TIME: Saturday 9:30 to 10:00

8. TITLE OF CLASS: Decoupage Trinket Box  

            DESCRIPTION: This small trinket or gift box was inspired by artwork Tricia saw in South Africa. It is a clever way to up-cycle a 1-liter plastic coke bottle into a really attractive small box using a decorative paper napkin for decoupage. This is the kind of project that once you have made one you will want to make more J
CLASS SIZE: 12 max.
            KIT:   Kit $ 4  This includes all supplies.
         BRING: Craft scissors (not fabric scissors)
         WORKSHOP LEADER:  Tricia Mattes 
         DAY & TIME: This workshop is in two parts so there is time for the project to dry. Part 1: Thursday 4 – 4:30 PM. Part 2: Friday  4-4:30 PM


            DESCRIPTION:   Building on the success of the project, we will be painting rocks to spread around OC or our hometowns! Check out website for information and ideas. Our large rocks will be tagged with a Facebook group URL; we'll photograph them before they go out into the world and post them to our page. People who find them will then be able to post and let us know how far they've traveled. We'll do one large rock and several small ones so we can put more kindness out into the world. If this class goes well, I hope to do it again in the spring! 

CLASS SIZE: No minimum. Maximum 10 at a time. I will do a demo and then we’ll have time to work. There will also be a project table set up with everything you need to paint your rocks on your own schedule. If there is lots of interest and there is a time slot available, we can do another class block so I can help more directly. I will have extra rock packs available for purchase for as long as they last. I'll provide reference materials, paints, brushes, palettes, labels and varnish. You provide the creativity and the good mojo to send out into the world! You'll paint and I'll varnish in batches so they can dry overnight before you put them out into the wild. I hope some get scattered around the hotel so people can stop by and see what we do! I'll photograph them (and you if you want - not required!) and post them to our page. 

         KIT:   $8.00 I will provide rocks (one large and 4-6 small), paint, brushes, paint pens, palettes, labels and varnish. If you want to do a heavily dotted rock (like a mandala) you will need a set of dot tools. The cheapest ones are sold at beauty supply houses or Amazon as Nail (as in fingernail) dotting tools. I can send you links to the set I have (<$10) if you email me.

         BRING:   An apron or old shirt if you are prone to getting paint on your clothes. (Yes, I speak from experience.)  If you have your own brushes (probably 1/2 inch and smaller) that will be helpful. Label them. If you can bring a hair dryer (not a heat gun!) to help speed drying that will help too. 

Find me on Pinterest as Edie Evans-Bisbee and follow my Sewing By the Sea Rocks! inspiration board so you can come prepared for what you want to paint. You can actually follow any of my boards and I'll follow yours! 

Questions? You can email Edie at
         DAY & TIME: Part 1: Thursday 1 to 3 PM
                               Part 2: Friday  7 to 9 PM

10. Sharpie Decorated Fabric  

         DESCRIPTION:   Learn a fun and fast technique for decorating fabric with permanent markers.  There are tons of variations on the theme.  We’ll be exploring the basics in this class. The sample shows shoes --- but you can do this in anything! 

CLASS SIZE:   Minimum 1, Maximum 15
KIT:  No kit.  Instructor will be supplying some markers and alcohol in spray bottles
1.   Fabric suitable for technique.  Can be anything – silk, cotton, wool, poly, blends.  Can be white, or a color.  T-shirt, scarf, muslin, canvas.
2.   Firm cardboard or plastic – you’ll need this if you are doing a T-shirt and don’t want to have the front bleed through to the back.
3.   Stencils – great if you are drawing-impaired, or want a certain effect. 
4.   Blue painters tape – again, this is a neat masking agent to limit spreading.
5.   Eyedropper – it’s just a way to apply alcohol in a controlled manner. 
6.   Permanent Sharpie markers – any colors you think go well together.  Wide tips make the work go faster.  Smaller tips allow for more detail, just keep in mind that the details will be blurred once alcohol is added. Note – Some markers, especially fabric markers, will not work for this technique so be sure you get Sharpie brand.

DAY & TIME: Saturday 1:30 -3:00 PM.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Spring 2018 SBTS Retreat

 NeedleArts Adventures presents
Sewing by the Sea
March 2018 
at the Grand Hotel,  2100 Baltimore Ave.,
Ocean City, Maryland, USA 21842

A retreat for textile and mixed media arts enthusiasts who enjoy

i quilting
i clothing design and wearable art
i cloth doll making
i paper arts (journaling, book arts, etc.)
i beading
i knitting & crocheting

Tuesday March 6th (8 AM) thru Sunday March 11th (midnight)
Tuesday & Wednesday are BONUS DAYS for those who can come early. The retreat “officially” begins Thursday evening.

WHAT: Treat yourself to several days away from the distractions of home. We have reserved a spacious room in which to work and enjoy the company of other textile/paper artists. Make connections with old and new friends. Share ideas, advice and inspiration.      
Bring your equipment and supplies, and all those projects you have been meaning to work on! Relax and have fun. The schedule is designed to give you maximum flexibility so you can work non-stop, or take a break and enjoy a walk on the beach, shop, swim in the pool, or whatever YOU like.

Overview of Activities:
All activities are in the Grand Ballroom

Tuesday & Wednesday:
     8:00 AM – 2 AM   Bonus Days for those who can come early
     6:00 AM – 8:00 PM Bonus Studio time for “Early Birds”
     8:00 PM - 10:00 PM Opening Program
    10:00 PM – 2 AM Studio Time 
Friday & Saturday:
     6:00 AM – 2 AM Studio time
     6:00 AM – 10:00 AM Studio time 
     10:00 AM – 11:00 AM Share your accomplishments
     11:00 AM - Midnight Studio time

WHO:  This retreat is designed for sewing, textile, mixed media, and paper arts enthusiasts. People interested in quilting, beading, crafts, clothing design and construction, and hand- or machine-sewing activities are welcome. Scrap booking, paper arts, mixed media, knitting, crocheting and similar activities are welcome.

Registration is $85 per person. It includes:
A full 6-foot banquet table of workspace for studio time (you don’t have to share a table)
A simple project for an opening activity on the first evening
Free workshop opportunities
On the last morning sharing of accomplishments (show and tell)
Registration does not include lodging, meals or travel expenses.
Register soon to avoid disappointment. Registration is on a first paid, first served basis

A minimum deposit of $10 is required. Registration is refundable, except for a $10 processing fee, until January 20. After that time we cannot make refunds. You may send someone in your place.

LODGING - FOOD - TRAVEL: You are responsible for your lodging, meals, travel and things not specifically covered by the registration fee.
The Grand Hotel is a beachfront resort hotel on the boardwalk. Our group’s sleeping rooms are ocean view or side view, with balconies. Each room has 2 queen beds, a microwave, a bar sink, some counter space and a small refrigerator.

Our special group rates are:
Friday and Saturday
            Ocean view & ocean front are $108 (plus taxes) per night.
            Grand view (side) is $83 (plus taxes) per night.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday and Sunday
            Ocean view & ocean front are $88 (plus taxes) per night.
            Grand view (side) is $73 (plus taxes) per night.

This is single or double so sharing a room with a friend means even greater savings.  (There is  $20 surcharge for more than 2 adults in a room.) Participants must stay at the Grand Hotel; we cannot provide studio space for those who stay elsewhere. Many people will arrive early and depart the morning after the last day.

Please make your hotel reservations directly with the Grand Hotel as soon as possible and no later than February 5th to receive the group rate. You are responsible for making your own reservations. Identify yourself as part of the NeedleArts Adventures Group. The hotel’s reservation number is 1-800-447-6779 / 410-289-6191.

You can find travel directions and information about the hotel, its policies, and facilities at their web site: There is a 24-hour coffee shop in the hotel and there are many restaurants and grocery stores near by.
            Located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Ocean City is an easy two-and-a-half-hour drive from Baltimore or Philadelphia. There is plenty of free parking at the hotel. You can fly to Philadelphia, PA, Baltimore, MD, or Salisbury, MD, and rent a car. (Salisbury is 30 minutes away.) We will help with carpools and roommate referrals.

To register send your name, address, phone nr., e-mail, whether you are registering for fall or spring, & check to: NeedleArts Adventures, PO Box 331, Crownsville, MD 21032-0331. One person per registration check, please. Make checks to NeedleArts Adventures.

Check our blog: for current retreat information.
Questions: Contact Sandy Sapienza. Phone - 410-923-6133. E-mail -

NeedleArts Adventures, PO Box 331, Crownsville, MD 21032-0331