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Spring 2017 Workshops

 SBTS Spring 2017

To register e-mail Sandy by March 3. Sorry, we could not get the photos for classes 4 and 5 to load --- they are super cute!

1. TITLE: Journaling Round Table
DESCRIPTION: Do you keep a journal, art journal, sketchbook, or something of the kind? Would you like to get together with others at SBTS who keep journals of some sort?
Would you like to try journaling? It is easy, and fun. Anyone can do it. There are no hard and fast rules; you do what works for you.
This is not a how-to workshop but a round table discussion. We will share what we are doing and any tips, tricks or ideas we may have. If there is time we can work in our journals together. If there are new people who want to get started we will help.
Come prepared to share 1 thing with the group. It might be a journal page or spread you especially like, a tool, a technique, a supply or an idea. Anything goes!
KIT: None

BRING: Your journals and journaling supplies. If you have ephemera, collage fodder and stuff you no longer need, please bring it to share with the group.
If you are new and do not know what to bring let us know and we will suggest some basics.
WORKSHOP LEADERS: Edie Evans and Sandy Sapienza will be moderators. Everyone shares in the leadership.
DAY/TIME: Wednesday 7-8:30 PM

2. TITLE: Woven Snowflakes
DESCRIPTION: These 6 or 12 inch snowflakes are beautiful for Christmas trees or hung in a window. Depending on your
color choices they can be used for any season.
They look incredibly complex, but it is not the

case. In the workshop, we will first create them using paper. These can also be made with fabric and I will provide the instructions for both during the workshop. For those wishing to create them with fabric, see the Fabric supply list*.
Photos are of a 6-inch green/gold paper
snowflake, a 12-inch blue/white paper snowflake and a 6-inch teal combo

 fabric snowflake. CLASS SIZE: : 1 to 20
KIT: $3 for one 12" snowflake or two 6" snowflakes. (Fabric snowflakes will be 6".)
1. Glue gun, glue sticks (mini size is best)
2. Extension cord for glue gun
3. 12" or larger grid (cutting mat) to lay out strips 4. Sharp, small scissors
5. 12" paper cutter, if you have one
6. Small hole punch optional

*Fabric supply list:
Supplies #1 thru #4 listed above, plus...
PRIOR TO WORKSHOP, for each snowflake,
1. Bond together two 6" squares of coordinating
pieces of fabric, with a fusible web like Heat N Bond Ultrahold, right sides facing out.
2. Slice the squares into twelve 1/2" strips

WORKSHOP LEADER: Judy Ridgway DAY/TIME: Friday, 10:30 – 11:30 AM

3. TITLE: Tissue Paper Roses
DESCRIPTION: Learn a simple technique for making life size tissue paper roses. They make colorful bouquets or decorations. These roses are fast, inexpensive and easy. You’ll want to make dozens!

BRING: Colored Craft Tissue paper 1 pkg. assortment of colors you like
Magic transparent tape or masking tape - 1 roll Size #20 floral wire (1 pkg.) & wire cutters Florists’ tape – green 1 roll
Scissors for paper

Pencil or 6” dowel the diameter of a pencil 1 plain brown grocery bag (optional)
WORKSHOP LEADER: Sandy Sapienza DAY/TIME: Thursday 1:00 – 2:00 PM

4. TITLE: Sock Snowman
DESCRIPTION: This cute snowman is made from a sock with a few embellishments. It is easy to make and lots of fun. Get head start on your holiday projects!
KIT: $5.00 Includes almost everything you need.
BRING: Scissors, glue gun and glue sticks WORKSHOP LEADER: Lisa Cowan DAY/TIME: Friday 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM

5. TITLE: Snowman Popcorn Wrapper
DESCRIPTION: These popcorn wrappers will make a bag of microwave popcorn into something really special. They are quick and as cute as they can be!

KIT: $3.00 incudes everything you need. BRING: nothing
WORKSHOP LEADER: Lisa Cowan DAY/TIME: Saturday 1 PM to 2 PM


6. TITLE: Hand Painted Espadrilles
DESCRIPTION: Have you ever considered making your own custom painted shoes? With Dritz Espadrille soles that has become a lot easier. Join Lorine as you paint dyes onto fabric thus creating the canvas with which to cut out your shoe tops. We will then continue as time allows to get started sewing the shoes. Complete instructions will be provided to complete your shoes and Lorine will be available until Saturday morning if you have questions. Step by step samples of the completion process will be shown during class.
Note: The photograph provided is not representative of the class. We will be
painting with dyes only. No line work instruction or supplies will be provided.

BRING: You will need to bring sewing scissors for
the class. Although not needed for the class students will require 1/4 yard or one fat quarter of fabric for the lining of the shoes, a sewing machine and basic sewing supplies to complete the shoes. The actual sewing will take place at your table or at home. This part of the class will be a demonstration only.

CLASS SIZE: Class acceptance depends on size availability; this will be on a first come first served basis. We will notify you of acceptance as sizes are given out. Be sure to give the size(s) you want when you register.
KIT: $15 Your kit will include a pair or soles*, creative yarn, canvas fabric for the outside of the shoes, iron on stabilizer and two needles. Other items that will be shared are dyes, paint brushes, marking
tools and more. The sizes are limited. *Sizes available are: Size 9 - seven pair, Size 8 - one pair, Size 7 - three pair, Size 6 three pair, Children's Size 5 - one pair.

WORKSHOP LEADER: Lorine Mason DAY/TIME: Thursday 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM

7.  TITLE: Embroidery Collage

DESCRIPTION: Combining etched metal work diecuts with simple embroidery
stitches you will
create your very

own version of the photographed sample.
KIT: A complete kit will be provided which will include; fabric, batting, embroidery thread, metal, needles, glue, adhesive and a two
color embroidery hoop mat. The cost for the complete kit is $10
Note: You will be working on one single hoop design. (The photo shows 3 examples.) The frame is not provided.
BRING: A pair of sharp pointed scissors WORKSHOP LEADER: Lorine Mason DAY/TIME: Saturday 9:00 PM to 10:30 AM 

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