Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Spring 2015 Workshops

SBTS Spring 2015

To register please e-mail or contact Sandy by March 1st.

1. TITLE:   Dowel and Bead Spine Book


DESCRIPTION: This book is simple enough for a child to make yet sophisticated enough for an adult to appreciate. The construction is a little different because it uses beads and a dowel for a spine. A little creative thinking will yield many other options for objects that can be used as a spine. Consider a small wooden spoon for a cookbook, a huge nail for an industrial look, twigs for a nature look, or a pencil, or a paintbrush. The techniques are easy and fun. You can vary the size of the book. Add binding station if you wish. The creative possibilities are endless.


KIT:  $3.00 Includes most supplies.

BRING: Scissors. Pencil. Bone folder (if you have one). Ruler. Your own glue stick would be handy so you don’t have to share. Judy will have kits, however, if there is certain decorative paper you want to use – like a particular scrapbook paper or hand made paper  - you will need 2 pieces at least 8x8 and 2 pieces of coordinating paper for the liner 5 1/2 by 5 1/2. You may bring any cover embellishments and fibers you want to try.


DAY/TIME:  Saturday 10:30 to 12 noon  

2. TITLE:   Kaleidoscopes

Let's make Kaleidescopes from...You Guessed It...Toilet paper rolls!  I will provide the toilet paper rolls, the shiny stuff for the inside, plastic and metal inserts, directions and pattern, lots of ribbons and braids, a few lace appliques for beaders, my bag of bead soup.


KIT:  $3.00 (A variety of supplies notes above)

BRING:   Bring your own SHINY beads (if you have some), etc. You need to bring a small bottle of white glue, scissors, a roll of 1 inch wide blue painters tape, shiny stickers if you have some (I will bring some too) and be ready to have fun making something from your childhood.


DAY/TIME: Friday 1:30 to 3:00 PM

3. TITLE:   Netted Pearl Bracelet 

Since folks liked the bracelet I wore to SBTS last fall, I decided to offer it as a workshop. The technique can be done by anyone with basic beading experience. With different color combinations you can create many different looks.


KIT:  The kit contains a needle, thread, size 15 accent beads, triangle or size 11 connecting beads and a clasp.  Depending on your vision, you might want to visit the $ store for a pair of readers for close work.  You may bring, or I will provide a tray to keep your beads together.  Cost $3

From left to right we have:
Navy blue + silver
Red, white and green + gold
Green + silver
Green + green
Rose + rose
Red + gold
Burgundy + gold
Burgundy + burgundy.

The last sample is 6 mm pearls with old gold accents.  If you wish to work in 6 mm, please email me for the requirements. 
If you want to start your bracelet ahead of time, (Wednesday or Thursday) just drop by and we will make a plan  
Doris Slye   email

BRING: You will need to choose the color pearls that you want.  They are available for $1 per strand at Michaels.  If your wrist measures 6 and a half inches or less, you need two strands of 4 mm beads, otherwise you need 3 strands of 4 mm beads.  You need to make up your mind what color accent beads you want to use.  The main choices are gold or silver, but other choices are available depending on the look you want. 
Bring your basic beading tools.


DAY/TIME: Friday 10 AM to 12 noon

4. TITLE:   Make a Fascinator

This is meant as purely a fun exercise and not a millinery triumph; although, I am sure some of you can elevate it to just that. Sewing is not involved; although again, some of you may prefer to use some sewing. My versions are hot glued together.
Participants will create a fascinator that can be worn using any/many combinations of materials. We will be using a headband and/or a foam shape for the base of the fascinator. Patterns will be provided for shapes or you can make your own. By hot gluing materials such as feathers, netting, fabric, pipe cleaners, beads, shells, photos, fancy papers, faux flowers, or things you provide to make it uniquely your own you can be inspired to create a fascinator more thrilling than the royal family’s.

CLASS SIZE: 15 max

KIT:  $5.00   Includes: head bands, patterns,  foam sheets, some of the following: feathers, netting, pipe cleaners, shells, buttons, tissue paper, fancy papers, ribbon, yarn, beads, faux flowers.

BRING: If you wish to use certain colors or items, you should bring them. This is a great way to use small bits of precious items from your stash. There will be lots to share, but bring other things or more of these things. I have 2 hot glue guns, but more would be helpful as well as glue sticks.


DAY/TIME: March 13, 3:15 – 4:15 PM

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