Friday, September 12, 2014

Workshops for Fall 2014 Retreat

SBTS Fall 2014

To register please e-mail or contact Sandy by October 10th.

1. TITLE  Yarn Stick Stiletto
DESCRIPTION:  Lisa will demo how to take wooden skewer sticks wrapped in yarn to create your own stiletto. They are cool! And a handy sewing tool.
 CLASS SIZE:   20 Max
 KIT:  50 cents.  wooden skewer stick, batting, yarn.
 BRING:  Everything supplied in kit, except glue so bring some. Tacky glue is fine. I'll have a variety of yarn color options.  If you want to use your own yarn color, bring at least a 9 yd piece.   I will also have glue for sharing.
DAY &  TIME:  Friday 10:00 to 11:00 AM

2. TITLE: Fabric Rose
DESCRIPTION: Learn this clever way to make roses out of fabric. They are a perfect hair decoration when you put them on a clip or ponytail holder. Of course they can be used for other decorations too.  This is the kind of project that you can’t make just one of!
CLASS SIZE: 20 max
$5.00. The kit will include a pattern, templates, warming candle, needle, thread, a pony tail holder or hair clip  and enough fabric to make two flowers.
BRING: Scissors
WORKSHOP LEADER: Lillian Kreider
DAY &  TIME:  Saturday 9:00 to 10:30 AM

3. TITLE: Urban Doodles
DESCRIPTION: Create a unique fabric art piece through a step by step process  of Doodling and then Painting with fabric dyes. Join Lorine Mason <>   in the creation of a one of a kind ‘Urban Doodles’ fabric art piece, suitable  for hanging or used in the creation of a treasured sewing project.  The journey begins with the use of templates and the simple act of tracing, designing your own personal art piece  through the creation of layered objects. The process continues with the art of  doodling; filling in, highlighting and morphing the basic traced lines.  Inspiration, step by step directions,  tips and techniques will be given throughout the  doodling process. Once doodling is completed; the act of adding color through the application of dyes directly to the fabric brings the art to life. There are no mistakes in ‘Urban Doodles’, simply opportunities to move in any number  of design directions throughout the process

CLASS SIZE: Min 6, Max 12
KIT: $10 per person
BRING: Nothing. Lorine will provide everything.
DAY &  TIME:  Saturday 1 – 3 PM

4. TITLE: Intro to Gelatin Printing on Paper and Fabric   

DESCRIPTION: Join us in exploring the possibilities for printing on gelatin. Gelatin is a versatile surface for monoprinting without a press. Its resilient surface makes it possible to achieve great detail quickly with minimal equipment. The process uses only water based inks and paints which are not toxic. It is simple enough for beginners  to achieve interesting results and offers creative challenges to experienced artists. The process is easy and fun and can be addictive!

            Gelatin prints make interesting quilt blocks. Once you know the basics you can easily print enough blocks for a quilt in just a few hours.
            In class we will print on paper and fabric. We'll use commercial gelatin plates; you will receive directions for making your own plate at home. We will begin by learning some basic techniques. Then you will explore your favorites – combining them, building layers, and following your own direction.
            We will build a stash of interesting prints. Then we’ll use one to create a greeting card.
CLASS SIZE: 15 max
Includes equipment and most supplies.
(Use of gelli plate & brayer; directions; some card stock & other papers; stencils, masks & texture tools; some acrylic paint; card blank and envelope.)

BRING: Apron or wear old clothes
             3 to 5 small bottles  fabric paint or acrylic craft paint in colors you want to use
            Some fabric  (approx. 10 pieces) about 9”x12”, prewashed and ironed, & fabric paints or inks. (Paints should be a creamy consistency. Acrylic craft paint in little bottles is OK.)
    Freezer paper (iron on the back of fabrics that are soft and flowy, not firm. Firm quilt weight cottons may not need to be backed) You can do this in advance.
   Optional things you may find useful
            Plastic gloves (if you like clean hands)
            Extra printing paper such white card stock or unlined 5x8 cards
            Any texture tools you may want to try.  If you want to try printing leaves they should be soft, not dry.

DAY &  TIME:  Thursday 2 PM to 4 PM
 Because so many people come for the Bonus Day and there is so little time on the weekend we are trying something new -  offering a class on the bonus day.   

5. TITLE : Pumpkins! Pumpkins! Pumpkins!   
DESCRIPTION: Let's make elegant pumpkins in a variety of sizes, making the stems from toilet paper rolls! Of course we all save those dang rolls and never find anything to do with them...Now you will have something to use them for!
     I will have a kit for you with a finished stem, the stretch velvet, ( I have 5 colors) a pattern, a screw and a washer, leaves, floral tape, a TP roll, heavy thread and a big eye needle.  I will bring a few Phillips screwdrivers to share or bring one for yourself.  
    Sandy has stuffing to share, and I will bring metallic paint and paintbrushes if you wish for your stem to be metallic.  Your kit stem will be tan.
     I will, of course,  show you how to make another stem from the TP roll in your kit so you can make more pumpkins if desired for your fall table décor.
KIT: $5.00
BRING: Bring more TP rolls if desired in case you want to make more than one extra stem.
DAY &  TIME: Friday, Oct. 31st from 1 PM til 3 PM

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